Well, being my first post i guess i should say something about myself.  I am by no means a writer, i just feel like i should get that out of the way.  i hope that this ends up being somewhat interesting and readable.  I will go ahead and say that i am sorry for any words i spell wrong, i do have going for me the fact that when i do spell a word wrong i get the red line.  Enough about my shortcomings, more about me.  I LOVE FOOTBALL, i’m not a very confident person, as least not always but the one thing that i am most confident about is football.  I know my football, despite the fact that i am a Dallas Cowboys fan i know what i’m talking about.  This is what this blog is about, mostly, and not just football but sports in general.  We have baseball going on right now, well just barely. football is in full swing, and basketball is just getting started.  This should be fun and i should go ahead and say this, if your a hockey fan and somewhat interested in this, might want to turn around, i don’t do hockey.  


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