Well, disappointment again, is it too much to ask that the Cowboys have a 3 game winning streak, is it too much to ask that we go more then one game above 500.  I guess so but in past years we have lost games because of our own stupid mistakes.  This year it just seems like we cant catch a break.  Romo goes 14/30 for 206 yards, not great numbers but he throws 3 TDs and no INTs.  In fact, the team as a whole had no turnovers, while the Lions had 4 turnover.  Interesting stat i saw during the game, only one team now two i guess, but two teams out of i believe it was 57 have won with a -4 turnover difference have won.  Not sure what the time period was on the stat but still pretty interesting.  They showed that before the Lions scored the game winning TD when it was in fact still just one team.  Now it’s two and the cowboys are back to being a 500 team.  i guess i shouldn’t complain too much tho, a lot of teams would love to be a 500 team.    


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