Voting for the NFL Pro Bowl has recently started and the NFL is trying something new with it this year, trying to spice it up a bit, make it more interesting.  Well first off they made new uniforms for each side and its not pretty.  Nike was tasked with coming up with new uniforms but instead we got what looks like Oregon Ducks knockoffs.  so as far as looks that’s the biggest difference but they have also overhauled the whole game.  Gone is NFC-AFC teams and there will now be team captains.  Leading the way is the great Jerry Rice and the ever eventful Deion Sanders who will pick teams by help of two fantasy users.  That’s right, adding a bit of fantasy to the pro bowl might just be what it needs but the fact remain the same, its still a game where no one wants to get hurt so players end up running half speed.  There are other changes to the game that might make it more interesting but still, everyone is looking out for themselves so the game just comes off as boring and slow.  First off, there are no more kickoffs so that spot will be taken by a defensive back.  There will now be a two minute warning before each quarter and the ball will change hands after each quarter.  They might as well let each offence have the ball for the whole quarter.  I think the two minute warning is interesting but feels like they just watched a basketball game and thought, that might be cool.  One change i really like is that they are letting the defenses play defense, they will now be able to play cover two and press coverage meaning the defense can now change and hide what they are really playing.  All in all it might be just enough to save the pro bowl but in my opinion i still think the game will end up looking slow and lazy.       


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